Music from Astronomy – Public Performance

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Undergraduate student Ryan Straka, from the Department of Music at UC Riverside, has composed a three-movement classical piece for a quartet based on supercomputer simulations of the impending collision between the Andromeda, Milky Way and Triangulum galaxies which will happen … Continued

Mercury Transit & Beyond 2016

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On Monday May 9th, 2016 the planet Mercury will come between the Earth & the Sun, so we will be able to see Mercury transiting (crossing) the disc of the Sun using special telescopes. California will be able to see most of the event … Continued

New Astronomy Faculty: Prof. Frederick Hamann

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Prof. Frederick Hamann  just joined the faculty members at the Physics and Astronomy Department at UC Riverside. His research currently focuses in three broad areas of astrophysics: One is the discovery and analysis of obscured/red quasars to understand their relationships to the early stages … Continued

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