The Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Riverside has purchased a collection of meteorites for use in show and tell activities at local public schools. The collection includes iron, stony-iron, achondrite, chondrite and tektite pieces, some of which come from the Moon, Mars and the asteroid Vesta. Pieces were purchased through the National Science Foundation AST-1615814 grant awarded to Prof. George Becker; the collection was curated by Dr. Mario De Leo-Winkler and Dr. Jessica Miller-Camp.

The collection is unofficially named the Arthur C. Clarke Meteorite Collection, in honor of the British science fiction writer, who prominently featured asteroids and meteorites in his works.

Click on the links below to know more about each meteorite, or you can search for meteorites in The Meteoritical Society’s database.


Canyon Diablo CD426-9 Iron Coarse Octahedrite Arizona 427
Sikhote-Alin SA54-21 Iron Coarsest Octahedrite Russia 54.2
Seymchan SEY21-91 Stony-Iron IIE Pallasite Russia 21.9
Gebel Kamil GK20-3 Iron Nickel-Rich Ataxite Ion Egypt 20.3
NWA 1929-13-7 Howardite Achondrite Morocco 13.7
Gujba GUJ6-56 Chondrite Bencubbin-Like Nigeria 6.5
NWA 7297-109 Martian Shergottite Achondrite Morocco 0.109
NWA 7948-066 Lunar Achondrite Feldspathic Breccia Sahara Desert 0.056
Tektite Tektite Thailand 25.88