Cosmic Thursdays – Public Talk – Oct 25

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COSMIC THURSDAYS, a series of public and free talks on astronomy, continue during Fall 2018. The talks are designed with the general audience in mind, they are fun, easy to understand, and engaging.

  • Date: Thursday, October 25 – 6:30 PM
  • Speaker:  Prof. Simeon Bird [Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCR]
  • Place: UC Riverside, Physics Building Room #3035
  • Talk: ‘MUSIC OF THE SPHERES: Gravitational Waves from Black Holes’

Gravitational waves, our recently discovered window to studying the Universe, are ripples in space-time created by clashing massive objects. These ripples are so faint that the only events powerful enough to produce them are the collisions of two black holes, each many times the mass of the Sun. Prof. Simeon Bird will review the creation of gravitational waves, how scientist first detected them in 2016, and the origin of black holes.