Welcome to my webpage. I am astrophysics graduate student at University of California Riverside. I am working with Dr. Laura Sales and Dr. Haibo Yu.

Standard model of cosmology (known as ΛCDM) assumes dark matter is cold and weakly interacting. There has been strong indications over the past 25 years that dark matter might have some either thermal velocity or some strong interactions.

I am working on dark matter models with strong non-gravitational interactions as alternatives to collision-less cold dark matter paradigm. I perform N-body simulations (by using the code AREPO developed by Volker Springel with added treatment for DM self-interactions by Mark Volgelsberger and Jesus Zavala), and the semi-analytical code Galacticus (developed by Andrew Benson) to study how these interactions would impact formation of virialized structures, known as dark matter halos. I am also interested on the impact of DM interactions on formation of galaxies and history of reionization. The Ultimate goal is twofold:

1) to tighten the constraints on these dark matter models using current observational data or those which will be available in next few years.

2) to investigate the interplay between interacting dark matter and baryons, and its impact on galaxy formation.


A summary of the last projects that I have been involved can be found here.

Check out my ADS page here for list of my publications.

You can find my CV here.

Since 2016 I have been NASA MIRO Fields Fellow.


Contact Information:

Email: osame001@ucr.edu

Office: Pierce Hall, Room 2145