Pouria Akbari Mistani

Pouria Akbari Mistani

Research interests: computational cosmology and
numerical simulations, galaxy formation and evolution, dwarf galaxies.


Nima Chartab Soltani

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
Office:  Pierce Hall 2115
Telephone: 951-907-2720
E-mail: nima.chartabsoltani-at-email.ucr.edu
Research interests: large-scale structure of the universe, observational cosmology.

Joseph Cox

with Prof. Gillian Wilson
E-mail: jcox002-at-ucr.edu

Research interests:  astrophysics: multiband galactic surveys, luminosity functions of

Andrew Crooks

Andrew Crooks

with Prof. Naveen Reddy
E-mail: acroo002-at-ucr.edu


Louise Daniels

with Prof. Brian Siana
E-mail: ldani003-at-ucr.edu


Behnam Darvish

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: bdarv001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests:  formation and evolution of galaxies in dense environments
(clusters, groups, filaments).


Andrew DeGroot

with Prof. Gillian Wilson
E-mail: adegr001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests: galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution, cosmology, general relativity.

Craig Douglass

with Prof. George Becker
E-mail: craig.douglass-at-email.ucr.edu


Mohamed Elhashash

with Prof. Gillian Wilson
E-mail: melha004-at-ucr.edu
Research interests: galaxy clusters, large-scale structure and observational cosmology.


Lydia Elias

with Prof. Laura Sales
E-mail: lydia.elias-at-email.ucr.edu
Research interests: galaxy formation and evolution, stellar haloes, large scale


Alireza Farahmandi

with Prof. Gillian Wilson


Tara Fetherolf

with Prof. Naveen Reddy and Prof. Stephen Kane
Office:  Pierce Hall 2367
E-mail: tfeth001-at-ucr.edu
Website: www.tarafetherolf.com
Research interests: galaxy evolution, the interstellar medium, star formation, and the
detection and characterization of exoplanets

Ryan Foltz

with Prof. Gillian Wilson
E-mail: rfolt001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests: galaxy formation and clusters,
large scale structure.


William Freeman

with Prof. Brian Siana
E-mail: billfreeman44-at-yahoo.com

Research interests: outflows around z~2 galaxies and
constraints on star formation rates.


Laura Green

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: lgree005-at-student.ucr.edu


Ethan Jahn

with Prof. Laura Sales
E-mail: ejahn003-at-ucr.edu
Website: https://sites.google.com/ucr.edu/ethanjahn/
Research interests: Small-scale cosmology, ΛCDM, dwarf galaxy formation, ISM modeling,
zoom-in simulations.

Ali Ahmad Khostovan

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: akhos006-at-ucr.edu

Shoubaneh Hemmati

Shoubaneh Hemmati

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: shemm001-at-ucr.edu


Kyle Hiner

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo

Daniel Hogue

E-mail: daniel.hogue-at-email.ucr.edu

Marziye Jafariyazani

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
Co-advisor: Drew Newman (Carnegie Observatories)
E-mail: mjafa003-at-ucr.edu
Research interests: galaxy formation and evolution (e.x. kpc-scale properties of
intermediate and high redshift galaxies, chemical evolution of galaxies), observational cosmology.


Edward Laag

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo


Mariana Lazarova

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
Email: lazarovam2-at-unk.edu

Research interests: quasar host galaxies, AGN-host
galaxy co-evolution


Christina Manzano-King

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
E-mail: christina.king-at-email.ucr.edu
Website: http://www.christinamanzano.com/
Research interests:  AGN, outflows, dwarf galaxy evolution.


Hooshang Nayyeri

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: hooshang.nayyeri-at-student.ucr.edu

Research interests:  galaxy evolution, massive evolved galaxies.

Gerald Rude

Gerald Rude

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
E-mail: grude001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests: AGN and cataclysmic variables.


Omid Sameie

with Prof. Laura Sales
E-mail: osame001-at-ucr.edu
Research interests: numerical simulations and computational cosmology, galaxy
formation, large scale structure, early universe cosmology.


Remington Oliver Sexton

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
E-mail: remington.sexton-at-email.ucr.edu
Website: https://the-r-magnitude.com/
GitHub: https://github.com/remingtonsexton
Research interests: active galactic nuclei, supermassive black holes, AGN outflows,
galactic HII regions, statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms.


Abtin Shahidi

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher
E-mail: abtin.shahidi-at-email.ucr.edu
Research interests: large-scale structure of the universe, observational cosmology, high-redshift galaxies.

Irene Shivaei

with Prof. Naveen Reddy
E-mail: sshiv001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests:  star formation and dust properties of high redshift galaxies.


Nathaniel Roland Stickley

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo

Kaveh Vasei

with Prof. Brian Siana
E-mail: svase001-at-ucr.edu

Research interests: reionization of the Universe, Lyman continuum escape fraction of
high redshift galaxies.