In the following, I summarize my teaching activities in recent years. I initiated and developed five courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • Exploring the Universe (PHYS 20)

  • The Origins (PHYS 37)

  • Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (PHYS 219)

  • Advanced Galaxy Formation and Cosmology (PHYS 230)

  • Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium (PHYS 213)

I was received UCR “Innovative Teaching Award” in 2011. This was awarded to me for connecting the humanities and astronomy.

 My lower-division course (PHYS 20) has been one of the largest classes on the campus, with a total of 580 students registered. Similarly, my new course (PHYS 37) on “The Origins” has had a similar number of students (580) attending.

 For “The Origins” course, I compiled an entire book accompanying the course.

 I have been a visiting professor at the University of Autonoma, Madrid (UAM). I visit UAM once a year and give lectures to students for the Master of Science degree in Astronomy.

 I have hosted and supervised 15 undergraduate students in my group over the last three years. The students were supported through the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scheme and UCR CNAS dean fellowships. I also trained students from San Diego State University on the NSF’s Research and Education for Undergraduates (REU) scheme.