George Becker

Office: Pierce Hall 2134B

Research Interests: intergalactic medium, reionization, first stars and galaxies, chemical enrichment, dark matter, quasar absorption lines, spectroscopy.



Simeon Bird

Office: Physics

Research Interests: simulation-based cosmology, galaxy formation, data science, measurements of the properties of dark matter and large scale structure using quasar absorption, simulations of gas around galaxies.

Gabriela Canalizo

Office: Pierce 2100B
Telephone: 951-827-5310

Research Interests: observational extragalactic astrophysics, active galactic nuclei, quasar host galaxies and their environments, ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs), galaxy interactions and mergers, modeling stellar populations,old galaxies at high redshift, adaptive optics.


Anson D’Aloisio


Research Interests: theoretical astrophysics and cosmology: cosmological structure formation, reionization, quasar absorption spectra, gravitational lensing, and primordial non-Gaussianity.

Version 3

Frederick Hamann

Office: Pierce 2134B & 3013 Physics 

Research Interests: astrophysics, quasars and active galaxies, super-massive black holes in galactic nuclei, the formation and evolution of galaxies, accretion and outflow processes in stars and galactic black hole environments, the high redshift universe, galactic chemical enrichment, early and late stages of stellar evolution, spectroscopy with astrophysical applications.

Stephen Kane

Cooperating-faculty member of the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Office: Pierce 2360
Telephone: 951-827-6593

Research Interests: detection, characterization, and habitability of exoplanets using ground and space-based telescope facilities.

Bahram Mobasher

Office: Pierce 2100A
Telephone: 951-827-7190

Research Interests: observational astronomy, high-redshift galaxies, big data.

Naveen Reddy

Office: Pierce 2134B
Telephone: 951-827-3492

Research Interests: galaxy formation and evolution, multi-wavelength star formation indicators, stellar populations and dust properties of high redshift galaxies, and the connection between galaxies and the inter-galactic medium.

Laura Sales

Office: Pierce 2112B

Research Interests: galaxy formation and evolution, numerical simulations and computational astrophysics, galaxy structure, dwarf galaxies, local Group cosmology, ISM physics, early Universe.

Brian Siana

Office: Pierce 2144A
Telephone: 951-827-5117

Research Interests: high redshift star formation, feedback and metal enrichment in low-mass galaxies in the early universe, the reionization of hydrogen and helium in the intergalactic medium. 

Gillian Wilson

Office: Pierce 2112A
Telephone: 951-827-6274

Research Interests: galaxy clusters and mapping dark matter, observational cosmology, dark energy, 1<z<2 clusters of galaxies, galaxy evolution, structure formation, extremely red objects, weak gravitational lensing, Spitzer space telescope infrared studies.