Cosmic Thursdays Public Talks Restarting

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COSMIC THURSDAYS, a series of public and free talks on astronomy(-related) subjects start again. The talks are designed with the general audience in mind, they are fun, easy to understand and engaging.

During October, November and December of 2015, faculty members of the Department of Earth Sciences at UC Riverside will talk about the origins of Earth and life on our planet. The present series is made up of 3 talks:

  • Thursday October 15 – 7:00 PM [poster]
      • Prof. Timothy Lyons (UC Riverside)
      • ‘Alternative Earths: What our planet’s history may tell us about life in the Universe’
  • Thursday November 12 – 7:00 PM
      • Prof. Gordon Love (UC Riverside)
      • ‘Using Ancient Lipid Biomarkers Preserved in Rocks and Petroleum to Track the Evolution of Life’
  • Thursday, December 3 – 7:00 PM
      • Prof. Mary Droser (UC Riverside)
      • ‘Mops, ropes  and bathmats: Earth’s enigmatic earliest multicellular animals’

Talks will be held in the Bourns Hall Building in Room A265 and last 45 to 60 minutes.
Although parking is unfortunately not free, it is surely very cheap at $1.25 per hour [see details here].
We suggest guests use parking lot 10.

For additional information please contact us at