Welcome to Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Webpage!

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You can join our club on Highlanderlink by searching astronomy club at UCR! Link coming soon!

Panda Express Fundraiser

Come join us for our fundraiser at Panda Express in the HUB! The fundraiser will be held on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Make sure to bring a flyer to support us!

Telescope Tuesdays

Come Join us on Telescope Tuesdays this Tuesday, November 13th at the UCR Bell Tower @ 7pm! There will be a couple of telescopes to see some stars, possibly mars, and other cool objects in space!

Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Second General Meeting

On Wednesday, November 14th Astronomy Club @ UCR will have our second general meeting! come join us as we discuss the mysteries of dark matter. There will be food on a first come-first serve basis, and there will be a prize!

Joshua Tree Trip

The Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Joshua Tree trip was a success! We went out and saw various objects in the night sky to include: our own Milky Way galaxy, Neptune, Mars, constellations such as Orion, and various other objects in the night sky! We hope to see you all on the next trip, TBD!