Mario De Leo

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher

Office: Pierce Hall 2144B
Telephone: (951) 827 – 5415

Research Interests: primordial galaxies, gravitational lensing, Lyman Alpha emitters, public outreach and education of astronomy.


Vivian U

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
Office: Pierce 2219A

Research Interests: infrared galaxies, interacting galaxies, active galaxies, starburst-agn connection, galaxy formation and evolution.



Former Postdocs

Aleks Diamond-Stanic

CGE Fellow
with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
Office: SERF 439 at UCSD
Telephone: (858) 822-4463

Research Interests: black hole growth, galaxy evolution, post-starburst galaxies, active galactic nuclei.


Alberto Domínguez

with Prof. Brian Siana

Research Interests: galaxy evolution: extragalactic background light, galaxy spectral energy distributions, SED fitting, green-valley galaxies, dust extinction; Gamma-ray cosmology: extragalactic gamma-ray sources, gamma-ray attenuation, axion-like particle detectability, Cherenkov telescopes.


Valentino Gonzalez

Email: valentino.gonzalez–at–

Research Interests: high-redshift galaxies, galaxy evolution, galaxy stellar masses, galaxy stellar mass function, star formation histories of galaxies.

Ryan Mallery

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher

Research interests: I am interested in Lyman-alpha emitters at both low and high redshifts, and understanding the different feedback processes that give allow for Lyman-alpha photons to escape from galaxies. At low redshifts (z~0.2) I probe the morphology and Balmer extinction of Lyman-alpha emitters detected by GALEX. At high redshift I am studying the evolution and interrelatedness of EWs, SFRs, M*, and outflow velocities in Lyman-alpha emitters. I am also interested in metallicity evolution of galaxies, especially in the variation of nitrogen and oxygen as a function of specific star formation rate.

Sarah Miller

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher (joint UCR / Caltech)

Research Interests: galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy dynamics, rotation curves, dark matter, cosmology, black hole – galaxy connection, baryon fractions, disk galaxies.


Alessandro Rettura

with Prof. Gillian Wilson

Research interests: observational cosmology: galaxy formation in different environments, evolution of galaxy stellar populations, structural evolution of galaxies, panchromatic studies of the most distant galaxy clusters, study of the environment of distant radio galaxies, dark matter.


Chihiro Tokoku

with Prof. Bahram Mobasher

Currently at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo (Japan).