Shoubaneh Hemmati

 I am a graduate student, studying observational astronomy at UCR working under the supervision of  Prof. Mobasher . My astrophysical interests are mainly centered on galaxy formation and evolution, more specifically: Substructures in disk galaxies spanning back more than 8 billion years, Star forming galaxies at high redshifts and their spectral properties, Star formation history and feedback processes.


Projects :

- KPC scale study of substructures in disk galaxies  : 

- Study of kinematics  of Double-peaked Lyman alpha emitters. (read more)

- Study of high redshift LBGs in GOODS DEIMOS SAMPLE (read more) 

- Study of  the lyman alpha emitter overdensity at z~2.38 ( the so-called Francis Cluster), as a fellow researcher at IPAC. (read more)

- Study of Massive and Evolved Galaxies at high redshift ( Nayyeri. et. al 2014)

My  CV

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot   -Charlie Chaplin

Shoubaneh Hemmati
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of California Riverside
900 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92521
Work: (951) 827 5420
Email: s h e m m 0 0 1 at u c r . e d u

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