• Eddie Laag, PhD 2009. Thesis: "Observations of Starburst Galaxies: Science and Supporting Technology." Advisor: Prof. Gabriela Canalizo.   Currently at Space Science Applications Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, P.O. Box 92957, Los Angeles, CA 90009, USA

Mariana Lazarova

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
Office: Pierce 2109
Telephone: 951-827-2384
Email: mariana.lazarova-at-ucr.edu

Research Interests: Extragalactic observational astronomy, Broad Absorption Line (BAL) QSOs, Quasar host galaxies, The role of mergers in AGN evolution, AGN fundamental parameters, AGN feedback, Outflows

Kyle D. Hiner

with Prof. Gabriela Canalizo
Office: Pierce 2101
Telephone: 951-827-2384
Email: kyle.hiner-at-email.ucr.edu

Research interests: Active galactic nuclei, Post-starburst galaxies, Quasar driven winds/outflows, M-sigma relation, Merging galaxies, AGN-starburst connection