Welcome to Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Webpage!

Telescope Tuesdays

Come Join us on Telescope Tuesdays this Tuesday, November 13th at the UCR Bell Tower @ 7pm! There will be a couple of telescopes to see some stars, possibly mars, and other cool objects in space!

Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Second General Meeting

On Wednesday, November 14th Astronomy Club @ UCR will have our second general meeting! come join us as we discuss the mysteries of dark matter. There will be food on a first come-first serve basis, and there will be a prize!

Joshua Tree Trip

The Astronomy Club @ UCR’s Joshua Tree trip was a success! We went out and saw various objects in the night sky to include: our own Milky Way galaxy, Neptune, Mars, constellations such as Orion, and various other objects in the night sky! We hope to see you all on the next trip, TBD!